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Flat Roof Coating George W Scott

flat roof painting

With the summer heat coming why not paint your flat roof? Summer heat and freezing weather can cause your roof to crack. Once your roof cracks it allows water to penetrate the substrate. When a roof becomes brittle and starts leaking its time to replace it. Painting your roof with an industrial grade roof coating is a great way to preserve your roof. Hiring a roofer to paint your roof can cost thousands of dollars. Hire George W. Scott to paint your flat roof, mobile home roof, or metal roof. We have multiple colors to choose from. A white coating is usually used on flat roofs to keep the heat out.. We also have clear roof paints for asphalt shingle roofs to lock down the granulation and reflect the heat without changing the appearance .

Call George W. Scott for a free estimate. Once you have received an estimate let us perform a 4 step process:
  1. Clean: clean entire area to be painted
  2. Prep: inspect the entire surface, caulk all openings, prime where needed
  3. Paint: paint the entire area to maximum form thickness, reapply as needed
  4. Inspect: once the roof is painted we inspect to make sure nothing has reopened